Renzo Mauricio Diaz Diaz

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Some things about me, my environment and aspirations

Systems Engineer & Backend Developer.

College senior in Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and self taught

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  • Telegram: @RenzoDD
  • City: Lima, PerĂº
  • Age: 20
  • Ocupation: Student
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My name is Renzo Diaz and I am a senior college student. I am interested in software development and I like to create projects that help people become familiar around software. Lately, I have been interested in blockchain and cryptography technologies and how they can be used to have a more equal society.

I am also a programming coach for freshman students and I believe that it is important that we all learn to code because it helps us to be more rational and to solve problems in our daily life. I just hope that one day I can help more people learn to program and create their own solutions to help their communities.


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Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

Information Systems Engineering

2018 - Present

  • I won first place of the University Programming Contest, with which I joined the UPC Competitive Programming Group. And participated in the IEEEXtreme 2019 programming contest ranking 407 of 2781.
  • I took ISC Basic SQL for Data Science course in 2021 asociated with Coursera.

Professional Experience

Programming Coach/Instructor

Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

March 2019 - December 2020
  • I accompanied Programming I and Programming II classes, solving students doubts.
  • During my first year I have weekly workshops to more than 20 people and in the second one up to 60 students.

Freelancer Projects

Learning Styles Test

University of Piura

February 2021
  • I developed a Web Application for the Psychology Department.
  • This project is been used to test freshman's to know their learning style.

Bussiness Training Chatbot


March 2021
  • Developed a WhatsApp and Telegram Chatbot which offers micro courses.
  • Companies that want to train their employees in certain subject can upload a course for easy access.
  • In preliminary tests I used Selenium to automate the chatting process.
  • The final version used the Whatsapp and Telegram APIs.


Various projects that I have developed over the years

Coding Academy PerĂº



Web Site

Assembler Simulator


Coding Studio




Crypto Wallet


File Cloud

Web Site

Epidemic Simulator



My skills in software development

Development of C# & C ++ Information Systems95%
SQL Database Design & Administration90%
GIT Projects Maintenance85%
Selenium and C# Process Automatization80%
Development of PHP Web Applications90%
Maintenance & Development of API Rest in Node JS85%
cPanel Server Maintenance85%
Development & Maintenance of Bootstrap Projects70%


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